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West African Rough Diamonds From Strategic Security Solutions Limited (3SL)


Strategic Security Solutions

Strategic Security Solutions Limited (3SL) is a company that specializes in the provision of secure transportation and handling of precious minerals & metals throughout the logistical value chain.


From the procurement of raw materials and components, to finished products within the mining, precious minerals, precious metals, jewelry, banknote, security, and pharmaceutical industries worldwide, 3SL has you and your investments covered from start to finish. 


We are able to guarantee our and your position in ethically sourced and quality product acquisition due to our position as one of the only mining and logistics companies within West Africa that is U.S. owned and an Accredited subcontractor for Brinks Global Services, the world’s premier provider of secure logistics and security solutions in more than 122 countries across 5 continents. Thus, you can trust us to help you buy and ship gold, rough diamonds, or any other precious metal or gem that our suppliers.


Our goal is to maintain and operate at the global standards for excellence in secure logistics and value chain risk management through our commitment to innovation, quality and investment in our clients.



Tarine K. Fairman

CEO & Founder of 3SL

Ty Fairman served and amassed over thirty years (30) experience with the U.S. Department of Justice and Department of Defense. As a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, he specialized in International Terrorism and Foreign Counterintelligence.


During his tenure in the FBI he has worked numerous cases involving the procurement and proliferation of chemical biological warfare materials to countries on the United States’ National Security Threat List, as well as, the identification, interview and arrest of the world’s most-wanted terrorists, kidnappers and individuals providing various forms of material support to terrorism.


Jay Rosborough

Operations Director of 3SL

Jay Rosborough has over sixteen years (17) experience with the Department of Defense. His last assignment was at the U.S. Embassy in Freetown, Sierra Leone, where he performed his duties as the Operations Coordinator for the Defense Intelligence Agency.  


He assisted and advised the U.S. Ambassador and Defense Attaché on various military, personnel, budget, security, and logistics support. Jay was responsible for Initiating & Submitting e-QIP applications for ADP-I and -II level positions of trusts for over 100 government staff and employees and for the coordination of air, ground and logistics for high profile V.I.P visits.

3SL Is Your All Inclusive One Stop Shop For All Of Your Logistical Needs.

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