strategic security solutions limited



“Those who have the money will get the experience, and those who have the experience will get the money.” 

-Author unknown.


     Conducting business in the Precious Minerals and Metals industry comes with many challenges, more specifically fraud. Let 3SL guide you and provide you the complement of services that will ensure that what you buy is what you actually receive when your valuables are opened at your destination.


Walk-in Service Center


     Located in the heart of Freetown, our office not only serves as a center to coordinate your shipment order, but operates as a safe, secure and private center to view diamonds and gold alongside a licensed gold/diamond exporter or dealer. We will sit with you and design risk management solutions and personalized security services that are tailor made to your business requirements. We will provide tailor-made services that will allow us to cater for any specific requirement.

 Consulting and Compliance Services

     3SL understands the compliance concerns and issues faced by buyers and investors who seek to conduct business in the Sierra Leone Precious Minerals and Metals Industry.  We deliver a suite of regulatory compliance services tailored to meet these needs and offer advice on the latest regulatory issues and industry developments. Our approach to promoting compliance excellence is achieved through the diverse experience and knowledge of our trusted and dedicated compliance professionals coupled with the strategic oversight by senior management and the Sierra Leone National Minerals Agency. We will provide a qualified consultant to serve as your advisor in all phases of your business objectives.



Rough Diamond & Precious Metal (AU) Facilitation

     With more than 20 years’ experience in the diamond trade, gold trade, mining, mining compliance procedures, export, import, international courier services and security, 3SL can help you to successfully navigate and complete your objectives in Sierra Leone.


     3SL maintains relationships with licensed Diamond Exporters, Gold Exporters, Diamond Dealers and Gold Dealers, located throughout Sierra Leone, who have the means to source, procure and sell their assets.            



Secured Vault Storage Service

      The safest place to store and keep your assets are within a 3SL Safe, which is located within a secured Bank Vault. Our Secured Vault Service provides our clients peace of mind and confidence that their assets are in a safe and controlled environment, while also ensuring a reserved space to store their goods before or after government analyzing and processing.



International Secured Logistics

     For over 150 years Brinks has prided themselves in delivering world-class international secure logistic services. As part of the Brinks Value Chain, 3SL guarantees the highest level of security in every step throughout the pick-up, transport and delivery process.



Cargo Monitoring

     Brinks provides you the ability to globally track your cargo whilst in transit.



Insured Hand Carry (Courier) Service

     A 3SL International Agent will monitor the KPC processing of your gold and diamond valuables; take possession and liability of your valuables; Provide Vault Storage, if necessary; Provide all Export and Customs Clearances at Port of Embarkation; Provide Customs Clearances at Destination Airport; and provide secured Delivery of your valuables to the Consignee. Your valuables will be safe, secure and under Brinks Liability from door to door.   



Ground Handling and Airside Control

     We work with the airlines, National Minerals Agency, Office of National Security, Cargo Handling Agents and Customs to ensure the secure transport, handling and personal loading of your goods onboard flights, all of which is done with and under the close protection of the Sierra Leone Police Armed Operational Support Division Officers (OSD).



Customs Clearance at Airports

     Once your valuable assets are in our control, we provide a professional and proficient customs clearance service for all exports and imports at airports worldwide.



Secured Delivery to Consignee

      Once your valuables arrive at its destination airport, Brinks will ensure the swift, secure transportation of your valuables, with one dedicated ‘in house’ provider, managing pick-up, transit and delivery.



Brinks Liability & Logistics Chain

      Whatever you consider valuable, we consider valuable too. 3SL and Brinks will take full liability for every shipment we handle anywhere in the world.